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SWEDD in Action: Together for Women's Empowerment

16 April 2024


The book SWEDD in Action: Promoting the Full Potential of Women offers an inspiring look at the stories of women and men engaged in the Women's Empowerment and the Demographic Dividend in the Sahel (SWEDD) project. 

Whether they are young girls freshly graduated from high school or experienced businesswomen, police commissioners in Niger, novelists in Cameroon, carpenters in Chad or young activists in Guinea, all the women met for this book embody deep values of solidarity.

At the heart of their testimonies lies the concept of “sisters” in its broadest and most African sense, illustrating the collective strength of wills united in the service of an entire community. These inspiring stories demonstrate that despite the challenges posed by patriarchy, religion, traditions and poverty, there are many hopes and success stories.

The SWEDD project stands out by providing opportunities for women to thrive in professions traditionally considered masculine, even after being out of school due to early pregnancies. A poignant testimony notably recalls how SWEDD in Chad protected a vulnerable teenager from early marriage by kidnapping and enabled her to build an independent future.

Men, for their part, also play a crucial role in promoting women's empowerment through initiatives such as husbands' clubs or religious leaders' platforms. They emphasize the importance of dialogue and setting an example in their commitment to supporting women and girls in their communities.

Ultimately, the values of sharing and collective commitment largely explain the positive impact of the SWEDD project. By bringing together successes and goodwill, SWEDD continues to work tirelessly to achieve its ambition of promoting women's empowerment in the years to come.


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SWEDD en Action